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Recovering Our Forgotten Preamble

Constitutions, books, articles, cases, and letters cited by John W. Welch & James A. Heilpern, Recovering Our Forgotten Preamble, 91 S. Cal. L. Rev. 1021 (2018).


Speeches are organized in alphabetical order by speaker.

John Adams, Inaugural Address - March 4, 1797

John Quincy Adams, The Jubilee of the Constitution: A Discourse - April 30, 1839

Jonathan Loring Austin, Oration at the Request of the Inhabitants of the Town of Boston, in Celebration of the Anniversary of American Independence - July 4, 1787

John C. Calhoun, U.S. Senator from South Carolina, Speech in the U.S. Senate - February 28, 1842

James Campbell, Oration to Commemorate the Independence of the United States of North-America - July 4, 1786

Jonas Clark, A Sermon Preached Before His Excellency John Hancock, Esq; An Election Sermon - May 30, 1781

John Clayton, U.S. Senator from Delaware, Speech in the U.S. Senate - March 4, 1830

Silas Downer, A Discourse, Delivered in Providence at the Dedication of the Tree of Liberty - July 25, 1768

Alexander Hamilton, Remarks at the New York Ratifying Convention - June 27, 1788

Robert Hayne, U.S. Senator from South Carolina, Speech in the U.S. Senate - January 25, 1830

Robert Hayne, U.S. Senator from South Carolina, Speech in the U.S. Senate - January 27, 1830

Abraham Lincoln, First Inaugural Address - March 4, 1861

Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address - November 19, 1863

Abraham Lincoln, Special Session Message - July 4, 1861

Abraham Lincoln, Speech at Cincinnati, Ohio - September 17, 1859

Edward Livingston, U.S. Senator from Louisiana, Speech in the U.S. Senate - March 9, 1830

James Madison, Address Before the House of Representatives Regarding The Bank Bill - February 2, 1791

Phillips Payson, A Memorial of Lexington Balle, and of Some Signal Interpositions of Providence in the American Revolution. A Sermon Preached at Lexington - April 19, 1782

Richard Price, A Discourse on the Love of Our Country - November 4, 1789

Samuel Rockwell, An Oration Delivered at the Celebration of American Independence, at Salisbury - July 4, 1797

John Rowan, U.S. Senator from Kentucky, Speech in the U.S. Senate - February 4, 1830

Benjamin Rush, An Oration Before the American Philosophical Society: An Enquiry Into the Natural History of Medicine Among the Indians in North-America, and a Comparative View of their Diseases and Remedies, With Those of Civilized Nations - February 4, 1774

William Smith, U.S. Senator from South Carolina, Speech in the U.S. Senate - February 25, 1830

John Warren, Oration Celebrating the Anniversary of American Independence Delivered in Boston - July 4, 1783

George Washington, Address to the Inhabitants of Canada - September 14, 1775

Daniel Webster, Eulogy on Washington: Speech in Honor of His Centennial Birth-day, Delivered at a Public Dinner in the City of Washington - February 22, 1832


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