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Free and Low-Cost Legal Resources in Utah

BYU Law Mediation Clinic

  • BYU Law School
  • 801-369-0320 (Professor LeeAnn Glade)
  • This clinic deals primarily with general conflict resolution, but it also handles small claims and other issues. The Small Claims Mediation is a subset of this clinic. They accept all requests, except the occasional few that are too complex. Call Professor LeeAnn Glade, and she will give your name and phone number to a student who will then contact you to set up a time. The mediations usually take place at BYU Law School. For claims that have already been filed, the clinic also handles mediations in most courts in Utah County, Wasatch County, and a couple of courts in Salt Lake County. 

BYU Center for Conflict Resolution

  • Brigham Young University, 4412 WSC, Provo
  • 801-422-5068 (no voicemail option)
  • This center provides conflict resolution for any issue if you are a BYU student. If you are not a BYU student, then you may only use these services if you live in BYU-approved housing and your issue involves a landlord-tenant dispute. The center is open from 10:00am–2:00pm Monday through Thursday, but closed Tuesdays from 10:45–12:15 for BYU devotionals. The center has a variety of resources to assist BYU students stuck in conflict, including information about consultations, mediation, arbitration, and recommended reading. For anyone living in BYU-approved housing, any landlord-tenant disputes must be resolved through the center's mediation and/or arbitration programs.

Landlord-Tenant Mediation Program

  • Matheson Courthouse, Third District Salt Lake
  • 801-214-3109 (Heather Lester)
  • Mediation services for landlord-tenant legal issues are provided on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 1:30pm. Contact Heather Lester by phone (leaving only one message) or by email. This program does not resolve rent disputes or deal with rental assistance.  

Utah Dispute Resolution

  • Law and Justice Center, 645 S. 200 E., Salt Lake City
  • 801-532-4841
  • This program provides mediation services for free or at a low cost. It does not provide legal services. Types of disputes for which mediation services may be available include the following: neighbor relationships, landlord-tenant, school relationships, business, workplace, consumer and merchant, and family and interpersonal. Types of services offered by this program: mediation, phone mediation, bilingual services (Spanish), facilitation, and training.


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